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Rosa Maternity Dress - Infinity Blue

Rosa Maternity Dress - Infinity Blue€240.00   €216.00

Lace Maternity Dress - Blush

Lace Maternity Dress - Blush€199.00   €180.00

Lace Wrap Maternity Dress - Black

Lace Wrap Maternity Dress - Black€205.00   €185.00

Rosa Maternity Dress - Indigo Blue

Rosa Maternity Dress - Indigo Blue€240.00   €216.00

Rosa Maternity Dress - Vintage Blush

Rosa Maternity Dress - Vintage Blush€240.00   €216.00

Jolene Maternity Dress - Fuchsia

Jolene Maternity Dress - Fuchsia€65.00   €59.00

Jolene Maternity Dress - Navy

Jolene Maternity Dress - Navy€65.00   €59.00

Jolene Maternity Dress - Peacock

Jolene Maternity Dress - Peacock€65.00   €59.00

Evie Maternity Dress - Coral

Evie Maternity Dress - Coral€90.00   €81.00

Freya Maternity Dress - Black Lace

Freya Maternity Dress - Black Lace€215.00   €107.50

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Page 1 of 2:    20 Items 

Our Occasion Maternity Dresses

Celebrate your beautiful new curves with one of our stylish Occasion Maternity dresses, the perfect choice for your next special event. Specially designed to compliment your new bump, these dresses are ideal for wearing throughout your pregnancy, regardless of what stage you're at, thanks to their special design.
Classy, sophisticated and beautiful high quality materials make these maternity dresses the No.1 choice for Weddings, Black Tie events or also Christenings and Work Parties.
Looking for a Maternity Wedding Dress? Visit our Bridal Maternity Section HERE >


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