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Category: Products & Reviews

REVIEW: TV3 Presenter - Clare Mc Kenna, reviews our BabyBjorn & Snuzpod cribs.

Friday, 5 September 2014


'Spin103 FM' Radio Presenter & 'TV3 Ireland AM' Presenter - Clare Mc Kenna Reviews our Snuzpod & Baby Bjorn Cribs'

"The best advice any new mum can follow is not to follow any advice at all. Going with the flow is the best thing you can do, sticking with what works for you and not sweating the small stuff coz they’re only so small for such a short time. But sometimes, especially when it comes to baby paraphernalia, the tried and tested opinion is always welcome. So 2 babies in and 4 sleeping vessels under my belt, here’s my take and where to put your little one pre cot."


The Moses Basket

Right, unless you still have a beautiful wicker and muslin creation in which you and every successful member of your family tree began life in, don’t bother with one of these. Everyone does and I don’t know why. I got one for my first and he fit in it for about 10 minutes. He was a relatively big baby at 9.5lbs (babies are being born bigger these days)  so putting him in a jumped up bread basket was a little ridiculous. There are a variety of reasons you might struggle to get a baby to nap but I can honestly say that he rarely slept well in it after the very early days when sleeping is all they do (they lull you into such a false sense of what’s to come!). We would rock him in it until our arms were sore, ridiculous. I blamed myself for this, everything from the temperature of the room, spoiling him by rocking, allowing him to get over tired – the full gamut  and I’m sure these all played their part but I really don’t think the moses basket helped.

The Co Sleeper

I borrowed this from a friend who recommended it for breastfeeding mums as it attaches to the bed and therefore you don’t have to get out for night feeds. This product is fantastic in its idea because it’s true, it saves you from cold floors and there are a multitude of reasons why it’s beneficial to have your baby sleeping close to you – this way they are right beside you but not actually in your bed. Where this product fell down was in the overall look and feel. It is not very pretty to look at and I thought the mattress was very cruel, like a travel cot, really thin and not very comfortable. That said, my son slept really well in this and the night feeds were a doddle but I had to move him out of it and into a cot at 5 months as he was just far too big for it and had grown uncomfortable.

The Snuzpod

My experience with the co sleeper above made me get very excited when I saw a magazine article about the Snuzpod. It had all the benefits of the co sleeper but with a much cooler design. It’s bigger, has a really nice mattress and is totally stylish. So when pregnant with my daughter I ordered it. Unfortunately, it was brand new to the market and the company ‘Little Green Sheep’ changed their release date so I wasn’t going to have it for my due date. The lovely people at Cherish me offered me a BabyBjorn cradle to have in the meantime which more than provided an adequate stop gap and allowed me to make this review an even number.

The BabyBjorn Cradle Harmony

OK, I’m going to admit this from the outset, I got lucky. I had this beauty for almost 3 months free of charge – it now resides as a display item in the Cherish me showroom – so while I am going to gush about how much I loved it, I am aware that I didn’t feel the pinch of its somewhat eye watering price tag. It is gorgeous though, those swedes really know their stuff when it comes to design.

This is the ‘moses basket’ you want. It looked cool, had loads of space and I loved that it was surrounded by this mesh fabric which meant you could keep an eye on your baby and feel that they were surrounded by air, you worry about everything when they are so small and this just gives you some peace of mind that they are less likely to overheat. It’s really light so we could easily move it from upstairs to down and had a light rocking feature which we never ended up using but it’s always good to know that crutch is there!

There’s a canopy too, which I especially loved because I had a girl but it would work for boys too, they’re hardly macho at under 3 months. It seemed to make the cradle into a little cocoon for our little one and I must say I was getting seriously emotionally attached to this when the call came to say the snuzpod was on the way. It’s fairly spacious as cradles go but our little lady was born 10lbs 6.5oz and was beginning to fill it rather but the mesh sides are flexible enough that they feel secure but not squashed.

The Snuzpod arrived in all its glory and I must say, I got over my love affair with the BabyBjorn fairly quickly, it’s a fab product and while it was a little late in the day I felt to start co sleeping, so I didn’t use it for that this time, she is sleeping in it beautifully as a stand alone cradle. I never understand why it only seems to be when they get to the cot that they get a really decent mattress, the snuzpod delivers on this, it’s like a mini cot. It has a rocking feature and a fabulously useful shelf underneath for nappies, blankets, teddies, whatever your chosen arsenal of baby comforting.

I kind of miss the canopy and one criticism I do have is that the walls are made of a canvas which can be noisy as their hands hit off it on the way in and during the night but this is minor. My baby is happy in it, naps and sleep well in it, so in turn we are delighted with it.

You can also remove the top of it really easily to transport it around the house and if going away or baby staying with granny while you party or just sleep somewhere but we haven’t used that yet. I just bring her upstairs for a sleep so she can escape the ball of energy toddler she adores.

So there you have it, hardly an expert but I do have some experience. I wish you all zzzzz’s in abundance.

- Clare Mc Kenna (Spin 103FM / TV3 Ireland AM)



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